How To Set Up A YouTube Studio For FREE

Studio Tour.png

Starting YouTube

Have you ever noticed that new YouTubers tend to make videos in their bedrooms? They do that because that’s where they have space for their equipment. Or maybe the start in their guest bedroom.

Chances are, if you are just starting YouTube then you aren’t going to have the capital to build or have a studio. Truth be told, you don’t need to drop a lot of money on stuff, in order to make nice videos.

The most money I spent for my space was 50+ Euros.  I bought a tripod which was 30 Euros, and I invested in two high energy bright light bulbs.

Word to the wise, get white light. I accidentally bought yellow. While it was still a vast improvement to the light I had before, and cheaper than getting studio lights, It does cast a yellow tint. 

Work With What You Have!

The biggest part of being a YouTuber is being creative, and having the ability to find creative solutions to your problems.

Don’t have a tripod – Stack some books.
Have boring white walls – hang curtails, sheets, or a table cloth behind you.
Have an echo – lay a rug, or blankets on the floor to absorb the sound.
Bad Lighting – shoot in front of a window

Everything in my “studio” are things I owned. An old crib, desk, chair etc and I repurposed them.   I hung old curtains, table cloths, and bed sheets for my plain background.

Don’t stress to much, and experiment. You need to figure out what you like and what works.

Side Note: I set up my Book Dissect reading corning with books, because all the book review channels shoot in front of book cases.  While I’m happy with what I came up with, I’m not to keen on it anymore. Because EVERYONE who reviews books has books in the background. It’s just boring in my mind.

Change is Coming

Prince Charming and I are going to be moving.  (We are hoping in April, but it might end up being in June/July now. Time will tell)  Thus my studio will be changing again. I haven’t made any final decisions, but I will be shaking things up.  There isn’t a plan. It will be me experimenting to see what works, and that’s all you can do.


Watch The Video

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