Life in Belgium: A year later.

Life in Belgium: A Year Later I have been living in Belgium for a year now.  First off I can’t believe how fast this first year has gone.  When we decided to move to here, there was a part of me that was intimidated at the prospect of building a life from scratch, in a […]

Tasting Belgium: Beer Ice Cream Float

WARNING: This one is picture heavy! I would love to take credit for this idea, but Prince Charming is the one who suggested it. I made a beer ice cream float using speculoos Ice cream and Leffe ruby beer. Speculoos are belgian cookies which are a mix between Graham crackers and gingersnaps.  They are very […]

Life in Belgium: Naughty Belgians.

Hello Readers, Let’s talk about cultural differences and perspective. Since moving to Belgium I have discovered that there are some things that they do that would be socially unacceptable, regulated more, or illegal. I am writing to illustrate the differences, not to critique or judge. Prostitution Prostitution is Legal in certain counties in Nevada, other […]

Throwback Sunday: NaNoWriMo

I am in Panic mode right now, and here is why. First: I still am not done with C.I.S. I keep telling myself small steps, and that I still have the rest of the month, but I feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Second: Camp Nano is next month. I don’t […]

FAQ About France – Long Version

Today I am addressing some ideas, and answering some questions in regards to my Study abroad video. Idea 1: Everything is actually my fault Do your best, so you can’t blame yourself for anything. Blame and Fault are a weird thing because it implies failure. While France was difficult, I still consider it a success. […]

Beer Mistresses Review: Cru RoodBruin

We received this beer in a gift package from my husbands work.  It is a bigger bottle, half a liter.  Since it quantity I can drink by myself we saved it. This past weekend, Prince Charming made a traditional Belgian meal, mussels and fries. It was an incredible meal, and it paired very well with […]

Women and Belgian Beer

I am Kathryn DeSinaasappelen, and I am a self-proclaimed beer mistress. My enthusiasm in beer has introduced me to the world of Beer. In my research, I have discovered that women are not well represented, and stereotypes of women and beer still exist today. I recently attend a beer tasting dedicated to beer brewed by […]

March Monthly Goals

A new month means new goals.  Last month wasn’t a good month in terms of accomplishing my goals.  If you want to see my failure check out the video below. This month I have 5 goals That I want to accomplish. Goal 1 – Work on CIS I recently joined a writers mastermind, which if […]