Another Update: I’m alive BUT….

Hello Readers, I missed some post and I am sorry for that. This has not been the best week for my family. It’s All about ME I don’t have bronchitis, which is great, since I was really worried about that.  However I have some trachea infection, which is less good.  Anyways I was given some […]

I’m Sick, Again: Update

I swear I’m having the worst luck with my health.  I think I will blame the weather, because why not. I miss Mondays blog because I completely spaced and forgot.  In my defense though I haven’t been sleeping too well. My coughing is keeping me up at night. On the bright side though, my abs […]

Throwback Sunday: Water and GMOs

My video Studying in France a Nightmare is still doing well with a little under 35k views. I am very happy.  The other day though I realized I was missing an opportunity of promoting my other videos. YouTube permits you to add I-Cards to promote other videos, which I’ve been improving the past 24 hours. (I […]

How To Deal With Negative Comments.

It was just last month that I was speaking with Cariad about negative comments. We were talking about YouTube and at the time I hadn’t received any. In fact the worst things was the 4 thumbs down I had received.  Boy has that changed this past month. This video has been getting a lot of attention […]

Throwback Sunday: Homesick

Homesickness isn’t about home It’s about comfort and familiarity.  When I first left American there was so much that I missed from home.  Then a time passed by I got use to life in France. What is unexpected is that now that I am in Belgium, there are things I miss from France. #expatproblems Greetings […]

The Secret To Writing: Finding Ideas

  How to Find Ideas for a Story I wish I could tell you that there was an easy way or share some secret to discovering ideas.  However that isn’t the case. Ideas are a dime a dozen. It is the execution that matters. Frank Herbert I remember reading something similar by Anne Rice. I […]

Tasting Belgium: Specialties

If you want to go somewhere that has amazing food, Belgium should be at the top of that list.  Today I am going to share some amazing food, to partake in Belgium. If you haven’t had any of these items, well you are missing out. Mussels and Fries Mussels is an incredible dish in Belgium. […]

Review: Praline Paleis – Belgian Chocolate

I’ve been in Belgium for over a year, and I realized that in that time I hadn’t had any Belgian chocolate. (I know heresy!) Thus I’ve rectify this situation! I went to a magical place called Praline Paleis. It is a local family owned establishment that makes homemade chocolate! I first stalked them on Facebook, […]