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How kind of you to come and introduce yourself!

I’m Kathryn.

In 1987, the best year! I was born in the awesome state of Georgia. But we left the hot weather, Spanish moss, and gigantic bugs.

I grew up in Pennsylvanian, where I acquired the nickname gypsy, for the fact that my family scattered across the US.

I have loads of family in Colorado, Ohio, and Florida. I’m well traveled having visited 48/50 before I turn 16.

In 2005 I studied abroad in France. Not the best introduction into the international stage, but I learned a lot.  I meet Prince Charming.

In 2008 I left America and moved to France.  Prince Charming and I married, a cat adopted us, we made tiny humans, and lived happily ever after for almost 10 years.

In 2017 We moved to Belgium. We’re still living happily ever after mind you, just not in France.

I love languages. English is my maternal, French is my second, and Dutch my third.  I studied to be a translator, but that turned into teaching English as a second language, which lead to becoming a copy-editor.

Now I’m a student. I’m learning web design and development, and after I’ll earn my BA in Business management.

I author this blog, I create videos on YouTube, and I’m working on my next dream/goal/project Published Author.

If the adventure sparks your fancy, come along, there’s beer!

You can find me on YouTube, Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram

Tot ziens mijn appelsien!