Book Dissect: Teaching His Ward – Noel Cades

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What Is Book Dissect?

I created this series to encourage others to read more, and to help aspiring authors improve their writing skills by critical analyzing books.

We often read for the enjoyment of reading. We escape into the stories and characters without noticing the writing techniques.  If you open a book for the purpose of learning you can focus on the authors methods.

Don’t ask yourself what you liked. Determined why you liked it. Understanding what elements engage you and how, helps cultivate your writing skills.

This Weeks Book

Teaching His Ward – Noel Cades

If you’re interested in the book you can get it here.


This book was offered to me for free in exchange for an honest review.


The cover capture my attention, and the synopsis is on point. That being said I did originally held off from requesting it, because I’m new to the trading services aspect of book reviews.

I love Regency Romances. Even when people take creative liberties I can forgive them if they are historically probably. Would the situation occur? No. Could I imagine it? Maybe.

Then it is an amazing book.

What I didn’t like?

I went into this expecting to love it, and the book exceeded my expectations.

I like to be balanced and find stuff that can be improved on, but I love this genre.  You can’t improved perfection.  (I did warn you that I was biased)

What You Can Take Away?

Cute and Fluffy

Genres come with rules. Some communities in those Genres are more open to rule break than others. This is a mistake I see with writers. If you don’t know about a Genre, research before you write in it.

Particularly with the Romance community, they are vicious.

This book ticked all my expectations, and still had a unique style.  The experience of reading this book, was so enjoyable. I knew what I would get going in, but the Author made the ride more fun than I anticipated.


Every book needs conflict, but there is such a thing as bad conflict. This book has great conflict. I’ll admit the conflict doesn’t have a high probability, but there is motivation behind it, which makes it easier to identify with.

Nothing is worse than reading a romance book, where the biggest problem is that people cannot communicate with each other. This book didn’t do that, which was a breath of fresh air.  I will still read and enjoy the books that do that, because I’m a sucker for the genre.

The way Noel plotted her story created some tasty spice for me.



I love Regency Romances, so check this one out.


Check Out The Video:










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