Taking A Break

Results I’m happy to report I passed the first semester of Web Design. I had the highest grade, a B. I’m proud because that class was in Dutch, and I beat the other Dutch speakers. Go me.  I am disappointed I only had a B. However that is a whole other blog.   Taking a […]

Should I Take A Break From YouTube?

  Should You Take A Break From Youtube? I’m surprised how many people are against others taking breaks. Perhaps it is the European influence, but breaks are important.  If you aren’t willing to take a break for your health, then do it for the naturally low viewership periods. Consult your own analytics and do your […]

Web Design School Update

Going Back To School I discussed my new schooling journey here. I was nervous, since I was taking Web Design in Dutch. Web Design My web design course is split into two parts. I’m in the first semester where we are learning how to use Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, and animator programs,  and CSS/HTML. I thought it […]

Birthday Special: Houblonesse

Houblonesse! Back in September for my two year YouTube anniversary I splurged and bought some delicious Houblonesse treats.  I enjoyed the products and the shooting that video so much that I planned to make this one for my Birthday. But something Amazing happened! I’m horrible about tagging. I know it’s important and I should do […]

NaNoWriMo Prep: Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes Originally I shot a video, which I scrapped because the raw material wasn’t working. It was Thursday (my editing day), I scrabbled to think of something I could quickly shoot and edit. The video (link below) and this blog might be more ramble, because things are not scripted, but perhaps they can […]

Spilling the TEA | Youtube & School

Before School (Friday September 6th) I’ve kept myself so busy this week that I haven’t had time to properly freak out, until now.  I edited Wednesdays video, and I doubt others will notice, but I’m silently panicking. That terror grew and has taken root in my bones. I don’t know why I allow myself to […]