I’m Sick, Again: Update

I swear I’m having the worst luck with my health.  I think I will blame the weather, because why not. I miss Mondays blog because I completely spaced and forgot.  In my defense though I haven’t been sleeping too well. My coughing is keeping me up at night. On the bright side though, my abs […]

The Story Behind Beer Mistresses

How Did It All Start? Way back in the day I moved to France. If you don’t know it’s know for wine. I wasn’t a big drinker, and I didn’t like wine. My French host family bought local wines and I’d try them, at first to be polite. However as time passed, I learned that […]

Q & A – Kathryn DeSinaasappelen

Hello Stalkers! Here are some more questions and answers. Enoy! What songs have you completely memorized? I have the entire album of the Little Mermaid Memorized. No I don’t have the excuse that my children love the movie. I do. I have been single along to that soundtrack since I was 3.   What pets […]