Prompt 45: 2019 Short Story Writing Challenge

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Do you want to improve their writing?

Then consider participating in the challenge!
Push yourself to write a short story, work in progress, blog, or anything each week!

Not sure you want to join?

I argue my reasons in the video here!
TLDR: create more contentimprove your writing, and meet other writers!
I wrote about this challenge here.

The Rules

Choose Your Writing Challenge Adventure.
We are all winners as long as we are writing. <- That’s the rule you have to write!

Every Friday I post 2 prompts.  1 that I outlined, and 1 random one, plus each quarter has a theme.

What Does That Mean For You?
You can pick one of the prompts (below), write a story that fits into the theme, or work on your own WIP.

What You Missed?

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4th Quarter STARTS!
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Let’s Begin

Theme: Plot Devices

Red herring-  is a misdirect used to divert the attentions of listeners or readers from the original topic.

In literature it’s used in detective and suspense novels.

Examples: The Da Vinci Code


Prompt 1:  Writing Prompt (Holiday Inspired) Thanksgiving

Turkeys have risen up.  They are tired of being eaten, and they fight fowl.


Prompt 2: Novel Last Words (Write a story that starts with the last words of a novel)

“Remember the past, and await the future” – A Discovery of Witches – Deborah Harkness

My Own Progress

I forgot to schedule the post last week, and I worked well on my story. Although I’ve been incredible busy or lazy about updating NaNo.  This week, I’m behind. I haven’t touched my story since last weekend. I’m also behind on youtube, the blogs and this weekend and next week will be so hectic.

It’s okay. One step at a time. Progress is the goal!


See you next Friday with a new Prompt!



2 thoughts on “Prompt 45: 2019 Short Story Writing Challenge

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