Taking A Break

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I’m happy to report I passed the first semester of Web Design. I had the highest grade, a B. I’m proud because that class was in Dutch, and I beat the other Dutch speakers. Go me.  I am disappointed I only had a B. However that is a whole other blog.


Taking a Break

It is official, we have packed the first boxes. We will be moving in April. Thus, this week I didn’t have school, and I’ve spent my time preparing for February. I have all of Wednesday, and Fridays videos completed.  I haven’t done Book Dissect. I’m not sure what I am going to do on that front.

Things might change, I’m not sure. But more of my time will be spent on packing up the house. That will leave less time for blogging and videos. For a little while, I’m going to stop the blogs, and I should bring them back in May.

In March and April there is a chance that I will reduce my videos to once per week.  I don’t want to go less than that. However with moving we will need to change over internet and all that. So there might be a week were I go missing.


Not Stressing Out

I’m excited for all these changes, but at the same time, I’m freaking out. Which is another reason why I’m pulling back from online.

My goals are to continue doing my hobbies and remembering that I do them because I enjoy them. At the same time when so much is on my plate I get in my head too much, and freak about silly things.  The blog is one of those  things.

I will miss you all but I we’ll see each other in May!

Tot ziens mijn appelsiens!


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