The Dropping Shoe….

I feel like I jinxed myself.   Yesterday I wrote this.  If you don’t want to read that the short of it is My mom broke her back and she’s in pain. The poop has hit the fan, and I don’t know what to do with myself. So I am distracting myself by updating others, so […]

Life is kicking my butt…

You might have noticed that I missed a blog on Monday, I have and excuse for that. DISCLAIMER: I’m going to be talking about my personal life. Please be nice, and also warning if you are someone who can’t handle upsetting topics.  Back in April If you watched this video you might recall how I mention […]

Are the French Rude?

Prolific Stereotype Back in 04 and 05 when I was preparing to leave for France, I was warned by many people that the French were rude.  I knew for a Fact that all of the people offering me that pearl of wisdom didn’t know anything about France, let alone ever been there.  Thus I took […]

I Got Caught Lying, I’m sick, and Updates

Changed My Mind or Lied Every month I set up goals and create a list of things that I want to accomplish in that time.  As you know April wasn’t a good month for me because Life happened. Instead of regretting what I didn’t do I focus on what I was going to do, which […]

Work In Progress Progression

Today is Yesterday That isn’t a thought provoking thought, unless you want it to be. I mean it literally.   This is how things like blogs, youtube, and writing work. There is all behind the scene stuff that no one sees. You reader are reading this blog “today” the 2nd, so for you I wrote this […]