Tasting Belgium: Godiva Chocolate Bars

Godiva I grew up with Godiva. My mom and I purchased their heart shaped box every valentines day. I’m a nice tradition I hold into my heart this day. Godiva says it is Belgian chocolate, it was originally founded by  Belgian family in Brussels, but has since been purchased by a Turkish company.  So Godiva […]

Tasting Belgium: Prepere Van De Chef

Steak Tartar When I was 15 and an exchange student in France, my host father came home with some ground beef. He announced that he was making steak tartar. My host brother ran in, and demanded his share. I didn’t know what this steak tartar was, so I sat and watched the preparation.  He took […]


Bad Sense of Direction I’ve mentioned before that I easily get lose. A way I combat this is by exploring places. It doesn’t matter how big or small, if I need to go somewhere I’ll visit the area before hand.  Thus why I have this awesome video of Roeselare. Belgian’s LOVE Paperwork I know the […]

Story Time: HEATWAVE 2019

The HEATWAVE 2019 marks the host summer ever recorded in Europe.  I concur. I’ve lived in the EU for 12 years, and in that time I’ve discovered that summer here is mild, compared to what I’ve observed back home. I grew up in Pennsylvania, but I have family in Colorado, and Georgia. When I was […]

Exploring Poperinge

Let’s talk about Poperinge If you’re new here, (follow me, and watch my video down below. Remember to subscribe)  I live in Poperinge.  I’ve done some other exploring videos:   Walking in Ieper, Going to the library, and The Beach. This is the first time I’ve done something about Poperinge. I plan to do more in […]

Culture Shock BELGIUM

Culture Shock It is the disorienting feeling from experiencing a new culture,  way of life, or set of attitudes. If you ever study or move abroad you will experience it.  I think it is easy to fall into the trap or thinking your prepared enough, but that doesn’t exist. I’ve read so many books about […]