Speaking Dutch

The Request I’ve had a few people request that I make some videos in Dutch. I listen, although it has taken awhile.  I never had a problem before butchering a language, but every time I think about Dutch, I freak myself out. Then the video idea get scrapped or pushed back. Cultural Difference Belgians are […]

Learning Dutch: It’s Over

In The Beginning Two Years ago I made this video  Speaking Dutch For the First Time where I had just started level 2.  Watching it today is a trip. I’m so grateful that I recorded the start of my Dutch journey. When we acquire new skills there comes a point when you pass the learning phase […]

Humble Pie For Writer

New York Times BEST SELLER I know so many people who have a dream to make it on that list, because in their minds it means they are a good writer. BUT making it on that list doesn’t mean you can write well.  It means you sell well. Writing well is on you. If you […]

Funny Dutch Words and Phrases

Lost In Translations When you learn a new language you will undoubtedly come across words or phrases that for unexplained reasons will put a smile on your face. I don’t have a good reason why these dutch words and phrases make me happy, but I hope you will find them as enjoyable. Lekker Meaning: Tasty […]

Language Learning Book Review

  Lets Review Some awesome language Books 501 French Verbs I received my copy as a gift when I went to France back in 2004. It was the best gift I ever received. If you are learning French I’d highly recommend getting this book. There is a grammar section in the beginning of the book, […]

Learning Dutch – Geen and Niet

  Welcome Back to Learning Dutch, where I complain about learning a new language. This week I’m ranting about Geen and Niet. I’m lucky, because I acquired a skill while living in France, and that is the fear of speaking.  One comment I get from Belgians, is that I speak well. It’s a big contrast […]

Language Learning in France and The US

Hello Everyone, Let’s discuss language learning in France and The US. What do you call someone who speaks one language? -An American Americans set the standard of bad language learning in France.  I find this funny since the French are just as bad at language as Americans. Yes, I am being judgmental. When I was […]

Learning Dutch – You Can Choose

Hello Internet Stakers and welcome to my new series Learning Dutch, where I share with you all the ways Dutch is horrible. Maybe take what I say with a grain of salt, since while what I say is 100% true, it is also mostly sarcastic. Because at the end of the day while learning a […]