Abroad in Belgium

Last Year I wrote this piece, and also shot this video. 2 Year Later I can’t believe 2 years have already passed.  It took me 5 years to feel at home in France, which isn’t a problem I have in Belgium.  In fact the first time I visited Belgium, I felt like I had come […]

Abroad in France

Now leaving the comfort zone… I avoid speaking about France.  I don’t lack things to talk about, I just don’t have many nice things to say. I’ve learned that if I keep my mouth shut I have less problems, than if I run it. Instead I’ve only ever opened up about France when directly asked, […]

Prompt 14: 2019 Short Story Writing Challenge

What You Missed? 1st Quarter Prompts – Theme Fairytales Prompt 1     Prompt 2     Prompt 3     Prompt 4     Prompt 5     Prompt 6     Prompt 7      Prompt 8     Prompt 9     Prompt 10     Prompt 11     Prompt 12 2nd Quarter Prompt 13 I wrote about this challenge here. […]

Book Haul April 2019

Free Books! The Library of Ieper  keeps an armoire where you can exchange book. You can leave books that you’ve read and don’t want, or you can do like me, and take books for a monthly haul. I end up going to the library once a month because they host a language night. It is […]