Book Dissect: Teaching His Ward – Noel Cades

What Is Book Dissect? I created this series to encourage others to read more, and to help aspiring authors improve their writing skills by critical analyzing books. We often read for the enjoyment of reading. We escape into the stories and characters without noticing the writing techniques.  If you open a book for the purpose […]

Should I Take A Break From YouTube?

  Should You Take A Break From Youtube? I’m surprised how many people are against others taking breaks. Perhaps it is the European influence, but breaks are important.  If you aren’t willing to take a break for your health, then do it for the naturally low viewership periods. Consult your own analytics and do your […]

Tasting Belgium: Cuberdon

History of Cuberdon What’s in a Name When I was fact checking with prince charming I discovered that these candies have a different name.  I referred to them as cuberdon because it had been written on the package. I knew my husband knew them as Gentse neus  or Nose of Ghent.  However if you are […]

You Don’t Need Editors

  You’re going to be disappointed… Because this is the internet, I know there will be pro-editor people who will click just so that they can say: “You NEED an editor”. On the other hand there will be people who say: “I knew you didn’t need an editor.” This isn’t going to be what you […]

Going To De Panne Beach Belgium

Lets Go To The Beach Since moving to Belgium I’ve discovered that when the sun comes out the Belgians go out. This past Saturday we had beautiful weather and we took a spontanious day trip up to De Panne. While I’m sure that there are interesting things in De Panne we choose that beach because […]