Speaking Dutch

The Request I’ve had a few people request that I make some videos in Dutch. I listen, although it has taken awhile.  I never had a problem before butchering a language, but every time I think about Dutch, I freak myself out. Then the video idea get scrapped or pushed back. Cultural Difference Belgians are […]

Abroad in France

Now leaving the comfort zone… I avoid speaking about France.  I don’t lack things to talk about, I just don’t have many nice things to say. I’ve learned that if I keep my mouth shut I have less problems, than if I run it. Instead I’ve only ever opened up about France when directly asked, […]

Cultural Differences: Snow Days

What Are Snow Days? Snow days are times in the USA, where school gets canceled because of the weather. How Often Does That Happen? Well the USA is a big place, thus I cannot give a definitive answer. For example I have family who live in Georgia, and they are not at all prepared to […]

Cultural Differences Zwarte Piet

   Zwarte Piet wasn’t my first experience with blackface in Europe. I first encounter it in France during the festival of the 3 kings.  This wasn’t even the first time my views  on racism were challenged. One event remains fresh in my mind even to this day. When I was an exchange student in France, I […]

Language Learning in France and The US

Hello Everyone, Let’s discuss language learning in France and The US. What do you call someone who speaks one language? -An American Americans set the standard of bad language learning in France.  I find this funny since the French are just as bad at language as Americans. Yes, I am being judgmental. When I was […]

Are the French Rude?

Prolific Stereotype Back in 04 and 05 when I was preparing to leave for France, I was warned by many people that the French were rude.  I knew for a Fact that all of the people offering me that pearl of wisdom didn’t know anything about France, let alone ever been there.  Thus I took […]

Easter in France

Easter is a holiday I never minded because it wasn’t a big deal.  As a child it was fun, with the Easter bunny, basket and eggs, but that didn’t last long. As an adult it was a time to go to church and not necessarily a time to spend with your family. In short it […]

“Vacation” is over

You might have noticed that I haven’t been on too much. If you haven’t well you are a horrible stalker. I am fully European now and took my “vacation”. It’s in quotes because it wasn’t a real one. My children didn’t have school for the past two weeks. While I could have made the effort […]