Web Design School Update

Web Design School Update.png

Going Back To School

I discussed my new schooling journey here. I was nervous, since I was taking Web Design in Dutch.

Web Design

My web design course is split into two parts. I’m in the first semester where we are learning how to use Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, and animator programs,  and CSS/HTML. I thought it the classes would only focus on how to use the programs, but we are also learning graphic design, topography, color theory, story boarding, SEO and so much more.

I choose this course because I knew at some point I would need a website. I thought in the long run it would would save money if I learned the skills myself to make them. But everything I am learning can be applied to my projects that I am currently doing.

Editing better, to creating more engaging thumbnails, and considering the user experience. I’m so happy that I’m taking the classes.  We only 8 weeks left, till the next semester. I’m not sure what exactly what we will be doing, but there is a big project.

I can’t wait, not just to see how I can apply everything I learned to what I am doing, but also how I can help others.


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