Cultural Differences: Snow Days

What Are Snow Days? Snow days are times in the USA, where school gets canceled because of the weather. How Often Does That Happen? Well the USA is a big place, thus I cannot give a definitive answer. For example I have family who live in Georgia, and they are not at all prepared to […]

Tasting Belgium Duc D’O Chocolate Pralines

Chocolate Lovers Today I’m Tasting Belgium by trying Duc D’O pralines. Try them yourself. The Good Chocolate I’ve discovered after living in Belgium that there is a hierarchy of Chocolate. Gourmet, Good, and Okay. Okay – I think most people are familiar with okay chocolate.  Most commercialized chocolate would be in this group. I know I’ve […]

Why Do You Write?

  Why Do You Write? TedTalk Awhile ago  I watch a TedTalk which I haven’t been able to find since, that talked about the “good/real” reasons you should write. Then because Facebook can read minds, I noticed this question being asked by the writing groups I’m in. (maybe they saw the same tedtalk?)  I want […]

2019 Short Story Writing Challenge

Are You Ready For The Challenge? This challenge was originally proposed by Ray Bradbury during a commencement speech. He posited that for those who weren’t born with great writing skills that they shouldn’t write novels, but start with short stories. [Paraphrasing]   Even if you are the worst writer ever, it is physically impossible for you […]