Taking A Break

Results I’m happy to report I passed the first semester of Web Design. I had the highest grade, a B. I’m proud because that class was in Dutch, and I beat the other Dutch speakers. Go me.  I am disappointed I only had a B. However that is a whole other blog.   Taking a […]

Tasting Belgium: Godiva Chocolate Bars

Godiva I grew up with Godiva. My mom and I purchased their heart shaped box every valentines day. I’m a nice tradition I hold into my heart this day. Godiva says it is Belgian chocolate, it was originally founded by  Belgian family in Brussels, but has since been purchased by a Turkish company.  So Godiva […]

NaNoWriMo Pep Talk

NaNoWriMo’s Goal NaNoWriMo stands for Nation Novel Writing Month.  Every November writers dive in and attempt to write a 50,000 word manuscript.  That is the nano goal. I succeeded on my first try, but then ‘failed’ on my second.  Overall participating taught me so much about myself, and help established the kinds of goals I […]

Birthday Special: Houblonesse

Houblonesse! Back in September for my two year YouTube anniversary I splurged and bought some delicious Houblonesse treats.  I enjoyed the products and the shooting that video so much that I planned to make this one for my Birthday. But something Amazing happened! I’m horrible about tagging. I know it’s important and I should do […]

Tasting Belgium: Belgian Candy

Chocolate and Beer When people think about Belgium, they automatically think of their chocolate.  I’ve reviewed some of the local chocolate shops in Poperinge and can attest that it is delicious. Likewise Belgium is known for it’s beer culture, and everyone who comes to Belgium will undoubtedly try beer. However there is so much more […]

Tasting Belgium: Prepere Van De Chef

Steak Tartar When I was 15 and an exchange student in France, my host father came home with some ground beef. He announced that he was making steak tartar. My host brother ran in, and demanded his share. I didn’t know what this steak tartar was, so I sat and watched the preparation.  He took […]

Spilling the TEA | Youtube & School

Before School (Friday September 6th) I’ve kept myself so busy this week that I haven’t had time to properly freak out, until now.  I edited Wednesdays video, and I doubt others will notice, but I’m silently panicking. That terror grew and has taken root in my bones. I don’t know why I allow myself to […]