Taking A Break

Results I’m happy to report I passed the first semester of Web Design. I had the highest grade, a B. I’m proud because that class was in Dutch, and I beat the other Dutch speakers. Go me.  I am disappointed I only had a B. However that is a whole other blog.   Taking a […]

How To Set Up A YouTube Studio For FREE

Starting YouTube Have you ever noticed that new YouTubers tend to make videos in their bedrooms? They do that because that’s where they have space for their equipment. Or maybe the start in their guest bedroom. Chances are, if you are just starting YouTube then you aren’t going to have the capital to build or […]

Book Dissect: Teaching His Ward – Noel Cades

What Is Book Dissect? I created this series to encourage others to read more, and to help aspiring authors improve their writing skills by critical analyzing books. We often read for the enjoyment of reading. We escape into the stories and characters without noticing the writing techniques.  If you open a book for the purpose […]

2020: 1st Trimester Goals

A New Year For all of us, our biggest goal will be to write 2020 instead of 2019.  Here’s to everyone who will make a nine look like a zero until December!   1st Trimester The biggest change I’m implementing this year is changing my quarterly goals into trimester goals.  Quarterly goals are great, but […]

2019 Reading List Recommendation

This year I’ve read many amazing books. I want to showcase my favorites of 2019.       Non-Fiction You can find Joanna book here. Joanna Penn has a whole series of books dedicated to helping indie authors. She created  The Creative Penn, where you can find more information about being a writer, about Joanna, […]

I Failed NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo Winner The first year I participated in NaNo I won.  However it’s important to point out I didn’t have much on my plate that year. I was integration classes two times a week. I didn’t have a valid excuse why I couldn’t make the word goal. I see people every year go into Nano, […]

Should I Take A Break From YouTube?

  Should You Take A Break From Youtube? I’m surprised how many people are against others taking breaks. Perhaps it is the European influence, but breaks are important.  If you aren’t willing to take a break for your health, then do it for the naturally low viewership periods. Consult your own analytics and do your […]