2019 Reading List Recommendation

This year I’ve read many amazing books. I want to showcase my favorites of 2019.       Non-Fiction You can find Joanna book here. Joanna Penn has a whole series of books dedicated to helping indie authors. She created  The Creative Penn, where you can find more information about being a writer, about Joanna, […]

Throwback Sunday: Water and GMOs

My video Studying in France a Nightmare is still doing well with a little under 35k views. I am very happy.  The other day though I realized I was missing an opportunity of promoting my other videos. YouTube permits you to add I-Cards to promote other videos, which I’ve been improving the past 24 hours. (I […]

Throwback Sunday: Homesick

Homesickness isn’t about home It’s about comfort and familiarity.  When I first left American there was so much that I missed from home.  Then a time passed by I got use to life in France. What is unexpected is that now that I am in Belgium, there are things I miss from France. #expatproblems Greetings […]

Throwback Sunday: Hating America

Disclaimer: This one is a bit heavy.  Back in September I created a video Series of things I hated about the countries I lived in. I choose to focus on things that were lighthearted. While I didn’t want to offend anyone by attacking their country, I did want to show how things can be difficult […]

Throwback Sunday: Growth on Youtube

It has been almost 5 months since I’ve joined youtube, and made my first video that I shared with the world! I seen videos where people go and re-watch their older videos and just hate on themselves.  It makes me so sad. When I posted my first video I worked so hard on it.  I […]