2019 Writing Challenges

  The journey of a thousand miles begins, when you actually start moving! I remember being in 1st grade and writing these stupid little stories just so I could sit in the red beanbag chair. Guy I knew even as a 1st grader who knew nothing, that what I wrote was complete crap. However it […]

Naughty Children and Happy Endings…

  Happy Endings Last night I woke up shivering, and I did the worst thing possible, I got more blankets.  When you have chills you shouldn’t bury yourself under blankets. I didn’t care though because I was so cold. Fast forward to this morning, I woke up with a temp of 102, and still freezing. […]

Christmas Caroling and Christmas Songs

Christmas Caroling Have you ever gone caroling? I am skeptical that it is a real thing. Yes they show it in movies, but I’ve never has carols come to my house. I’ve never gone caroling either.  The idea sounds horrible to me. There is snow and it’s cold. Giving people joy with my singing wouldn’t […]

Improve Your Writing: Learn English

  Read More To Write Better FALSE – sort of I’ve seen this pearl offered to aspiring authors, and frankly I think it is something said by writers to writers to insure someone buys their books. Every person has the ability to see the difference between good and bad writing. Writers are their own biggest […]

Cultural Differences Zwarte Piet

   Zwarte Piet wasn’t my first experience with blackface in Europe. I first encounter it in France during the festival of the 3 kings.  This wasn’t even the first time my views  on racism were challenged. One event remains fresh in my mind even to this day. When I was an exchange student in France, I […]

Book Review: Little Birds by Hannah Lee Kidder

  Hello Fellow Writers, I have a Book Review for you Today.  Hannah Lee Kidder has written an amazing book called Little Birds. If you don’t know Hannah your missing out.   This lovely lady has a hilarious and informative YouTube Channel where she offers writing advice, and review bad Netflix movies. When she isn’t entertaining […]

Learning Dutch – Geen and Niet

  Welcome Back to Learning Dutch, where I complain about learning a new language. This week I’m ranting about Geen and Niet. I’m lucky, because I acquired a skill while living in France, and that is the fear of speaking.  One comment I get from Belgians, is that I speak well. It’s a big contrast […]

Language Learning in France and The US

Hello Everyone, Let’s discuss language learning in France and The US. What do you call someone who speaks one language? -An American Americans set the standard of bad language learning in France.  I find this funny since the French are just as bad at language as Americans. Yes, I am being judgmental. When I was […]