Beer Mistresses March – April Wrap up

Hello Beer Stalkers, Today we are doing the March-April Wrap up.  This month I tried four beers.  For your convince I’ve link the original videos along with my recommendations. Normally I would rank the beers in some silly fashion, and eliminate them, but truth be told I would highly recommend all of them.  Here are […]

Beer Mistresses Review: Cru RoodBruin

We received this beer in a gift package from my husbands work.  It is a bigger bottle, half a liter.  Since it quantity I can drink by myself we saved it. This past weekend, Prince Charming made a traditional Belgian meal, mussels and fries. It was an incredible meal, and it paired very well with […]

Women and Belgian Beer

I am Kathryn DeSinaasappelen, and I am a self-proclaimed beer mistress. My enthusiasm in beer has introduced me to the world of Beer. In my research, I have discovered that women are not well represented, and stereotypes of women and beer still exist today. I recently attend a beer tasting dedicated to beer brewed by […]

The Story Behind Beer Mistresses

How Did It All Start? Way back in the day I moved to France. If you don’t know it’s know for wine. I wasn’t a big drinker, and I didn’t like wine. My French host family bought local wines and I’d try them, at first to be polite. However as time passed, I learned that […]

Beer Mistresses Review: Leroy Watou Wit

 Watou’s Wit Beer I tried this lovely beer Hotel de la Paix, which is a local restaurant in the center of Poperinge. Watou Wit is a white beer.  That is different from a Lambic because it is made with wheat instead of hops.  The beer is local, being produced in Poperinge, my town, by Leroy […]