Beer Mistresses March – April Wrap up

Hello Beer Stalkers, Today we are doing the March-April Wrap up.  This month I tried four beers.  For your convince I’ve link the original videos along with my recommendations. Normally I would rank the beers in some silly fashion, and eliminate them, but truth be told I would highly recommend all of them.  Here are […]

Easter in France

Easter is a holiday I never minded because it wasn’t a big deal.  As a child it was fun, with the Easter bunny, basket and eggs, but that didn’t last long. As an adult it was a time to go to church and not necessarily a time to spend with your family. In short it […]

“Vacation” is over

You might have noticed that I haven’t been on too much. If you haven’t well you are a horrible stalker. I am fully European now and took my “vacation”. It’s in quotes because it wasn’t a real one. My children didn’t have school for the past two weeks. While I could have made the effort […]