2019 Reading List Recommendation

This year I’ve read many amazing books. I want to showcase my favorites of 2019.       Non-Fiction You can find Joanna book here. Joanna Penn has a whole series of books dedicated to helping indie authors. She created  The Creative Penn, where you can find more information about being a writer, about Joanna, […]

I Failed NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo Winner The first year I participated in NaNo I won.  However it’s important to point out I didn’t have much on my plate that year. I was integration classes two times a week. I didn’t have a valid excuse why I couldn’t make the word goal. I see people every year go into Nano, […]

Should I Take A Break From YouTube?

  Should You Take A Break From Youtube? I’m surprised how many people are against others taking breaks. Perhaps it is the European influence, but breaks are important.  If you aren’t willing to take a break for your health, then do it for the naturally low viewership periods. Consult your own analytics and do your […]