No One Likes Change….

    New Classes = Less time I am a part-time student, and I am currently learning Dutch.  The currently class is 5 times per week for 4 hours. Starting in November I will be adding an extra Dutch writing classes, which is once per week over six months, and an extra French writing class […]

Lost in Translation

  People say communication is the most important aspect of a relationship. They are wrong. It is listening. I’ve always felt that one of the reasons my husband and I have done so well, is because we spoke French to one another. This was our second language for both of us.  Therefor it required us […]

Let’s Talk About Writing

  I haven’t done a writing anything in awhile.  So this is new. Shout out to CARIAD! She is the first person I meet in the twitter writing community, and she’s amazing.  She has been so kind to me and answered my questions, so you should check out her blog. She writes and regularly updates!  She […]